First International Meeting For OUYE!
First International Meeting For OUYE!

First International Meeting For OUYE!

After the pandemic, we finally get the chance to meet each other: the Turkish, Finnish, English and French team gathered at Helsinki, Finland during one week from 30th of May until 04th of June. The aim of this meeting was to discover the other teams and their works in their own countries, so as we could discuss about the topics involved in the project: valorization of knowledge, legitimacy of non-formal skills, the different issues of the academic system…

The first part of this meeting took part in Kiljava, a sanctuary campus in the forest next to a lake. We had the chance to experiment nature activities in a Finish way and see what this team have been working on since our last online meeting. They mainly worked on how to take care of the youth mental health in the academic system in order to be more inclusive.

After those two days, we came back in the city and the other team present their work. The NGO “Zero Discrimination” from Turkey is preparing a summer school in order to give access to marginalized people to the university. The workers from RAPPAR in England are working with exiled persons, they accompany them in their day-to-day life, their accommodation to the English culture and also administration paper work.

You can see what the French team in this article: click here

It was a really good moment, we had a lot of discussions, interesting exchanges
and advertisement too. See you soon for the rest of our adventures!

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