The European toolkit presents activities, artistic productions and evaluations from the OUYE project partners in Finland, France, Turkey and The United Kingdom.

Under each country’s profile readers can find a short introduction on the higher education system, information on the challenges of young people participating in the project and the most important lessons learnt during the project.
Richer descriptions are attached for those who wish to learn more about OUYE activities in individual countries. Textual parts are complemented by the artistic productions made by project participants. Art was used in the project as an alternative way of communication and knowledge sharing. Young people used music, videos, photographs, craft work, handcrafts or storytelling as their ways of expression.
In the evaluation parts of the toolkit, readers can find demographic details about project participants, their expectations and feedback on the project. Evaluation added values are reflections and observations of the project workers.
We aimed to build the European toolkit in an attractive and reader-friendly way. Feel free to use any activity run in the OUYE project as an inspiration for your own work with young people.

A crossed evaluation between cities