Rap during Europe Week – EHESP’s Master’s degree “ENJEU”

Rap during Europe Week – EHESP’s Master’s degree “ENJEU”

Rap during Europe Week, an event organised for the second-year students of the EHESP’s Master’s degree “ENJEU”

This action took place on the university’s premises, during a lesson week of the second-year students of the Master’s degree “ENJEU”. The week’s topic was European youth policies. Rémi Le Bihanic, from DMZ, was asked to share how his organisation had participated in the present European project (OUYE). The group of students who were with him had the following instructions: they were to present the content of his account in an original way, thus reporting on the discussions which had taken place. Rémi Le Bihanic suggested that they write rap lyrics and that they then rap them over an instrumental chosen by the students themselves at the beginning of the session.

The idea was to test how rap can belong in an environment dedicated to formal learning, thus complementing the discussions. How can a usually classical presentation be developed in a new way, in this case with a rap song?
The students’ feedback was rather good. Giving a presentation in this way, being pushed out of their comfort zones, enabled them to interpret and analyze things differently from what they would have done with a more classical presentation.